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    0 Turkestan Region entrepreneur starts Paulownia business

    Turkestan Region entrepreneur starts Paulownia business

    NUR-SULTAN – Dauren Baltabaiuly, an entrepreneur from the Saryagash district in Turkestan region, has aroused the interest of locals since planting 40,000 paulownia trees on two hectares.

    Paulownia trees. Photo credit: Longwood Gardens Twitter page.

    One of the fastest growing trees in the world, paulownias are often used in manufacturing. The business may seem like a slow effort, b...

    Paulownia Tree Could Become an Environmental Solution
    0 Paulownia Tree Could Become an Environmental Solution

    Pavulonia a multipurpose tree of Chinese origin, is able to capture 50% of carbon dioxide, used to feed livestock, wood provides only 9 years, nourishing the earth’s crust and shade to avoid the loss of weight gained by high temperatures.

     In Colombia, cut down nearly 600,000 hectares of forest per year (the same number of forested soccer), partly as a result of adaptation of land for farming, logging and illicit crops.bringing an environmental imbalance.

    In order to reduce the impact of loggi...

    Control Storm water Runoff
    0 Control Storm water Runoff

    International Federation of Landscape Architects

    The Key to Being Storm-Proof: Control Storm-water Runoff

    When a hard rain hits hard surfaces, such as dry, clay soil or pavement, it quickly runs off to where it may cause harm. To make matters worse, without significant vegetation or porous surfaces to sink into rain sweeps across yards and streets and carries pesticides and sediment into the water system. Urban storm-water runoff is the leading contributor of water resource pollution. An...

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